How can you Support the Duck to Stop Cancer

Become a Fundraising Hero Today - in the face of cancer we can often feel helpless, daunted and even useless in our capacity to stop it. Not all of us can be the researcher in the lab finding a cure or the nurse who takes care of those suffering from cancer - but all of us CAN be a fundraising hero and help stop cancer and help patients and their families, who deal daily with the consequence of this awful disease.

How will you support the duck:

ENTER the Team Duck Race 

The Team Duck Race is a team building exercise (without the exercise), where your team gets to  race a giant duck down the Brisbane River at the Summertime Riverfest and raise critical funds for life-saving cancer research. 

SELL Merchandise

Get your signature Summertime Riverfest Duck Merchandise pack today and place it in the office, take it to school or if you have a retail business help us sell ducks to all of your friends families and customers.  It not only shows that you are passionate about the cause, but crucially it helps us raise serious funds for cancer research and each of your friends gets a really cool rubber duck! Download your Merchandise Order Form or purchase upfront your Merchandise Box online.

Create Individual Fundraising Page

A great place to start it by setting up your very own online fundraising page. You can personalise your page with stories and pictures about why you are fundraising for the duck and can easily share through social media and your email contacts. You could also host your own fundraising event such as a morning tea or a movie night and ask your family and friends to support you. For all the ideas, tips and samples to get you started visit our Fundraising Extras page.

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